Basic DC Theory Basic DC Theory - PDF

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Topics covered in this module: DC Sources: Batteries, DC Generator, Thermocouples, Rectifiers, Forward Bias, Reverse Bias, Half-Wave Rectifier Circuit, Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit, and Summary

DC Circuit Terminology: Schematic Diagram, One-Line Diagram, Block Diagram, Wiring Diagram, Resistivity, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, Electric Circuit, Series Circuit, Parallel Circuit, Equivalent Resistance, and Summary

Basic DC Circuit Calculations: Series Resistance, Parallel Currents, Resistance in Parallel, Simplified Formulas, Voltage Divider, Current Division, and Summary

Voltage Polarity and Current Direction: Conventional and Electron Flow, Polarities and Summary

Kirchhoffs Law: Kirchhoffs Laws, Kirchhoffs Voltage Law, Applying Kirchhoffs Current Law, and Summary

DC Circuit Analysis: Loop Equations, Node Equations, Series-Parallel Circuit Analysis, Y and Delta Network Calculation, and Summary

DC Circuit Faults: Open Circuit (Series), Open Circuit (Parallel), Short Circuit (Series), Short Circuit (Parallel), and Summary