Integrity Company, LLC provides Field Evaluations in accordance with NFPA 790 and 791, Consulting, Inspections, Power Quality Studies, Arc Flash Studies, Testing, and Research. Our engineering and electrical experts have provided this service for over thirty -five years. Our client list can be found at

Integrity Institute of Technology provides Training, Curriculum Development, Publisher and Research. Our company majors in Electrical, Mechanical, Safety and Energy Efficiency. Our educational training is based on applicable standards and proven theory/technology. Our research consists of investigation and replicating electrical problems/accidents/phenomena. Our engineers and electrical experts have developed products and standards for over thirty -five years. We have authored electrical textbooks produced by major publishers and have published seventy two publications to date which are highly recognized. We have also developed curriculum used by major corporations and universities in the US, Europe and Africa. We have also provided specialty training certifications for the US Army and US Army Corp of Engineers. Our expert instructors list can be found at

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