David Carpenter Phd.

Integrity Institute - David Carpenter, PhD 

Introduction: David started his career as an apprentice electrician and has moved from journeyman to master to inspector and engineer. He is president of Integrity Institute of Technology; that specializes in research, development, testing, training, engineering, inspection, codes and standards.

Professional Certifications and Positions: include IAEI, ICC, SBCCI, NFPA, and U.S. Department of Labor. He currently serves as Principal (voting member) to NFPA 79 Industrial Machines. He is the past chairman of the Alabama International Association of Electrical Inspectors, past chairman of the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, PhD Electrical Engineering. He is a frequent speaker for the Professional Engineering Society. He has served on codes and standards committees that include OSHA, NFPA, NEIS and IEEE for the past twenty-eight years. He is also an ordained minister with the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor of several churches including director of Outreach Ministries of Alabama.

Seminars and Curriculum: He  has taught  and developed curriculum for industry, government, and educational institutions, hospitals,  e.g., NASA, Cape Canaveral & Marshall, Arnold Engineering Development Center, TVA, Wrigley’s, Élan Pharmaceuticals, NOVA Chemicals, US Army, Army Corp of Engineers, Toshiba, Comcast, University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin,  Alabama Power Company, Clemson University, Wright State University, National Technology University, Colorado State University, NC State University. He has performed research and testimony as a professional witness. He has served on several NFPA code panels and committees since 1984. He has written curriculum for Outreach Ministries of Alabama.

Published Authored: Electric Motors, Motor Controls, Power Quality, Fundamentals of Electrical Design, Management Skills for Engineers, Semiconductors, Instrumentation, Understanding your Search for Purpose of Life, Can God, Politics and Science Coexist, How to Handle Discouragement.

Research Projects: The effects of EMI/EMF on conductor cable, Efficiency of Electrical Motors, Grounding Electrode Systems, Effects of Objectionable Current on Sensitive Electronic Equipment, and Small Closed Loop System Power Plants.

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