Understanding Grounding and Bonding

Topics include:

Premise Wiring System Design

    • Service
    • Feeder Circuits
    • Branch Circuits
    • Separately Derived Systems
    • Sub Stations
    • Feeder and Sub-Panels

Identifying Grounded Conductors

Connections and Terminations

Article 110.14(A)

Overcurrent Protection

    • Overloads
    • Overcurrents
    • Short Circuits
    • Ground Faults
    • Interrupting Fault Currents

Grounding Code Language

    • Grounded Conductor
    • Grounding Conductor
    • Grounding Electrode Conductor
    • Bonding (Bonded)
    • Bonding Jumper
    • Main Bonding Jumper
    • Equipment Bonding Jumper

Understanding Ground Faults

How Ground Faults Respond to Wiring Methods

Understanding Objectionable Currents

    • Stray Voltage
    • Leakage Current
    • Transients

Grounding Sensitive Electronic Equipment

Controlling Objectionable Currents

Understanding Objectionable Currents

Case Studies

Steps to Size the Equipment Grounding Conductor

Grounding Separately Derived Systems (AC)

Generator Grounding

Grounding Separately Derived Systems (DC)

Grounding & Bonding

Bonding Jumpers

Grounding of Separate Buildings

Clearing Ground Faults and Short Circuits

Bolted Connections

Grounding Electrode Conductors

Bonding Jumpers

    • Equipment and Main Bonding Jumpers
    • Functions of Main Bonding Jumper
    • Means of Bonding
    • Main Bonding Jumper Types and Sizing

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