Transformers I – Based on NFPA 70 installation and connection requirements plus theory

Course Description: Information is given to calculate conductor size and overcurrent protection
size for transformers. This module introduces transformer theory and includes the types of
transformers, voltage/current relationships, and application.


  • Module One - Transformer Theory (Mutual Induction, Turns Ratio, Impedance Ratio, Efficiency, Theory of Operation, Voltage Ratio, Current Ratio
  • Module Two - Step Down, Step up, Utility Transformers, Examples of Turns Ratios
  • Module Three- Three-Phase Transformer Connections, Delta Connection, Wye Connection, Combinations of Delta and Wye Transformer Connections,
  • Module Four - Transformer Types

o Distribution Transformer
o Power Transformer
o Control Transformer
o Auto Transformer
o Isolation Transformer
o Instrument Potential Transformer
o Instrument Current Transformer.

Perquisites: Basic Electricity

Candidates for this Certification Course:

CEU’s –7, PDH’s - 24