Module 1: Basic PLC Operations, Decimal System, Binary System, Converting Binary to Decimal, Hexadecimal, Number Conversions, Feedback Learning Quiz

Module 2: Sensors, Actuators, Discrete Inputs & Outputs, Analog Inputs & Outputs, CPU, Ladder Logic Diagram, Function Diagram Block, Software & Hardware, RAM, ROM, EPROM, Firmware, Feedback Learning Quiz

Module 3: Input Devices, Outputs, Symbols, Contacts, Coils, Instruction Sets, Logic Symbols and Operation, Feedback Learning Quiz

Module 4: Testing & Debugging, Status Functions, Forcing, Ladder Elements (Off, Forced, and On Conditions), Discrete Inputs/Outputs, Sequences, Program Instruction, Motor Starters, Applications, Limit Switches, Feedback Learning Quiz

Module 5: Analog Inputs and Outputs, Standard Ranges, Application, Timers, Hard-Wired Timing Circuits, On-Delay (TON), Re-Program On-Delay Retentive (TON), Retentive On-Delay (TONR), Process Control, Feedback Learning Quiz

Module 6: Basic Counters, High Speed Instructions, High Speed Counters, Positioning, Pulse Train Output (PTO) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Feedback Learning Quiz